At the age of 15 was when I had my first abortion. Society has everyone think that we have no power over our own bodies and choices, and at 15 legally we almost have none.

At only 15 years of age I KNEW that I did not want to bring a child into this world to struggle with a young mother. I was determined to not become a statistic. So I did everything in my power to not be a young spanish girl who (once again) brings a baby into her unstable teenage life. I wanted the choice to be mine and NO ONE else’s, not my mother or family or society (like the people who stand outside with the signs saying “Do not kill a baby”). I didn’t want anyone to know about my decision to have an abortion because we live in a society where you have to be raped in order for abortion not to be shamed on. So once my choice was official I began to search online for any information I could find on abortion and abortion clinics in my area. I knew I had to get this abortion without my moms consent because she would not allow it to happen, so after all of my research I found out that I would be able to have an abortion WITHOUT my moms consent. I found out that I had to get a waiver signed by a judge. So on the day of my appointment (at the clinic) I would have to present the waiver to the receptionist. So I lied to my brother (knowing that he was anti-abortion) and made up a different story convincing him to take me to the court house. After everything I was able to talk to the judge and get the waiver (which took me maybe 2 minutes). I showed up to my appointment and went through with the process.