I was raised in a Catholic family in the 70’s. Family, traditions and values were important to my parents. I graduated from a parochial high school and wanted to travel as a flight attendant after school. Well life takes different paths and as it would happen I met someone in military service and fell in love. I was only 17 and he was 19 when i discovered i was pregnant. I was scared, confused and didn’t know where to turn for I knew my parents were Pro-Life. My boyfriends officer told him where to take me to take care of “this problem”. Somedays i can remember clearly how i felt like i was a lamb led to the slaughter for i had no where to turn for questions i wanted to ask but was too afraid to seek after. My boyfriend dropped me off at the clinic and i can clearly remember girls screaming while we were taken care of. I actually went to work that night standing and working in retail and tried to forget that horrible day. I ended up marrying that man and we never spoke much of what we did. I dealt with the anguish over the years and as the March for life came every year my daughters ( I ended up being blessed with several times over ) would come to me and wanted to participate I pretended to be sick each time. As years went by i humbly have sought forgiveness and feel that God has forgiven me. Still, it remains something I wish I could have changed. I look forward to meeting my baby someday in heaven. I wish there had been someone that would have taken me aside and had me listen to my baby’s heartbeat. Daily I thank God for his Mercy and his Grace upon Grace. I will never Judge anyone for their decisions i just know that as for me it was a decision that lives with me every day and will to the day i take my last breath.