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Advocates for Youth recognizes that there are many skills effective educators need to master in order to teach sexuality education. These skills are outlined in the Professional Learning Standards for Sex Education, released in Spring 2019. Given limited time and differing needs for each teacher during in-person PD, teachers often don’t get a chance to practice in a way that can further their unique needs and support their professional growth. Virtual PD is a simulated environment (classroom, health care exam room and office) where professionals can practice with student avatars using short scenarios and support from an instructional coach, so they can quickly learn and master the skills they most need to be effective. With upper elementary, middle and high school classrooms, office meeting with a concerned parent and health care exam room, Virtual PD has scenarios for sexual health professionals in school and clinical settings across a wide range of topics. 

Costs: Virtual PD is booked by the hour and each hour, including costs to cover the technological platform and instructional coach, is $300. We do offer bulk discounts, so please contact us if you’re interested in scheduling more than 5 hours.

Background on Research Supporting Virtual PD

Advocates for Youth conducted a small research study in partnership with the University of Central Florida in Spring 2017 to test the effectiveness of teacher training using the Mursion virtual classroom versus traditional in-person methods. We found statistically significant results from the teachers who used Mursion to rehearse skills with the student avatars compared to the teachers in traditional in-person workshops. Leveraging this exciting result, we are now offering a wide range of skill scenarios for both teachers, as outlined in the Professoinal Learning Standards for Sex Education, and clinicians to help professionals become effective.

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