Trump’s Travel Ban is Still a Muslim Ban

In response to the Supreme Court decision to uphold Trump’s travel ban, Debra Hauser, president of Advocates for Youth, issued the following statement:

“We’re appalled by the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Trump’s Muslim ban. This Administration continues to invoke policies that propagate hate, embolden bigots, and incite violence. We should be ashamed of where this Administration has led us– and we’re ashamed that our highest court has accepted the Administration’s harmful rhetoric and actions to persecute some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We are a nation of immigrants – and no twisted legal justification can change that.

“While Trump continues to manufacture policies that profile individuals and attack immigrants, young people will instead center our communities and be the moral compass and humanity this country so desperately needs, when it feels like our institutions are blatantly not. We condemn any attempts to vilify Muslims and support the young people leading the charge against this Administration’s hateful policies.”