This is our Court and we Deserve to be Heard. #WeDissent

Today, as young people navigate a pandemic, state violence while exercising their right to protest, and increased attacks on their bodily autonomy, the President has announced Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the highest court of the land. A nomination that the administration and their minions have sworn to do everything in their power to push through with under 40 days left until the Presidential election, a frightening speed that our democracy has never before seen. 

Barrett’s record is clear: she will restrict young people’s access to the full range of sexual health services. She was a key opponent of the contraceptive mandate within the Affordable Care Act, which radically expanded access to birth control in this country, and has made it clear that she thinks employers should be able to deny their employees birth control coverage for any reason.

Advocates for Youth urgently calls for all those who care about the present and future of young people’s health and rights, to call their senators to demand they not confirm any Supreme Court vacancy until after the inauguration.

Young people are painfully aware of the impact a new Supreme Court justice hell-bent on limiting their access to care can have on their ability to lead safe and healthy lives. They’re tired of their sexual health relying on a Court that doesn’t represent them, and they’re organizing for a better future where all young people, regardless of who they are, can access the full range of reproductive and sexual healthcare. 

The Supreme Court can restrict who gets healthcare, legalize discrimination, and outlaw abortion. But they can’t take our will to fight or organize. They can’t take away the power of community, of our movement. This is our court and we deserve to be heard. Let the people decide.