Hate Filled Rhetoric Leads to Hateful Violence

Advocates for Youth once again condemns the hate-filled rhetoric of this administration and the white supremacists who are emboldened by it.  Make no mistake. There is a direct connection between the vitriol spewed by President Trump and the violence that rains down on our communities.  In less than one week’s time, Neo Nazis bolstered by the administration’s toxic posturing, murdered two innocent Black people at a Kroger supermarket, sent potentially deadly IEDs to 14 progressive politicos, and massacred 11 Jews as they worshiped on Shabbat.  Mr. President, your words gave rise to these murders.   How much more can this nation take for your political gain? Advocates for Youth, our staff, youth activists and board members say enough, מספיק, basta, کافی است!  We call on this administration to examine its part in the events of this past week and to make amends.  We stand in solidarity with communities all across the globe that find themselves marginalized and “othered”.  We will continue our work to support youth activists in this country and abroad as they lead the resistance movement in search of a safer, more equitable world for us all.