Advocates for Youth Applauds Biden Budget Without Discriminatory Hyde Amendment

WASHINGTON, DC – After years of advocating for the end of the Hyde Amendment in the federal budget, today Advocates for Youth celebrated the historic first step taken by President Biden when he introduced a clean budget without its unnecessary and discriminatory restrictions on federal funding of abortion. 

“A federal budget without Hyde is the result of years of organizing by young people, low income folks, and people of color – all dedicated to the basic idea that abortion is a fundamental right, no matter how much money you make, how old you are, or how you get your healthcare,” said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth. “We recognize that President Biden has changed his mind on this issue, and we welcome that evolution. But young people demand more than proposals – they want results. We need congressional leaders to recognize that abortion is healthcare, and take action to end the Hyde Amendment once and for all.”

“I hope Democrats and Republicans alike recognize that it is never politically advantageous, nor is it just, to reduce or limit healthcare coverage,” said Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes, Vice President of Policy, Partnerships, and Organizing at Advocates for Youth. “At the end of the day, abortion is healthcare, and that means it should be covered, no matter how someone gets insurance. Now, it’s up to Congress to continue this momentum and pass federal appropriations bills without abortion coverage bans, including the Hyde Amendment.

Young people are more likely to be enrolled in government-funded healthcare, leaving them disproportionately impacted by the Hyde Amendment and without the income to pay for the care out of pocket. The latest data available shows that more than 60% of Medicaid recipients are 26 years old or younger. 

Hauser continued, “We know that bans on abortion coverage disproportionately affect young people, low income folks, and people of color. Even if they can overcome barriers like transportation or housing, many young people simply may not be able to afford abortion care if insurance coverage is not available. And the same people who are most harmed by abortion restrictions are also bearing the brunt of the pandemic and systemic racism every day.”