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Self-Managed Abortion Shouldn't Be a Crime

Self-managing an abortion at home with FDA-approved medication is safe and effective. In many states, however, a person can still face arrest or face jail time for managing an abortion outside the health care system.

And as young people, people of color, immigrants, queer and trans folks, we are more likely to be targets for doing so.

Nobody should be criminalized for getting the care they need.  Join our work to decriminalize self-managed abortion and make sure nobody does jail time for getting the care they need.

Abortion is legal in every state. However, criminalization of self-managed abortion punishes many people for accessing reproductive health care. Black, brown, and low income people have always been targets of our racist systems, causing real harm to us, our families, and communities.

We are fighting for a world where nobody is criminalized for seeking care on our own terms.  Join us. 

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