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So Change It: A Guide for Students

Young people are creating change across the world and in their own communities. Through everything from social media, events, and even artwork, young people are encouraging each other to care about public health and to work for a better world.

So Change It: A Guide For Students (Guide) can help you and your friends to change your world for the better, beginning with your own school.

In this Guide, you’ll find practical tips and advice on how to create change, including:

  • Advice on how to plan and run a campaign;
  • A strategic step-by-step process to use your energy and assets wisely and usefully
  • Concrete tips on starting a group, recruiting new members, and using social media.

The advice and tips are based on the experiences of young people around the nation. You can use and/or adapt the advice and tips to fit your situation and your goal.

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