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What is Know Your IX?

Know Your IX is a survivor- and youth-led project that empowers students to end gender-based and sexual violence in their schools. We envision a world in which all students can pursue their civil right to an education free from violence and harassment. We draw upon the civil rights law Title IX as an alternative to the criminal legal system — one that is more just and responsive to the educational, emotional, financial, and stigmatic harms of violence.

Before applying, please review our values: www.knowyourix.org/our-values

What do Know Your IX organizers do?

Our organizers work to:

  • Educate K-12 and college  students in the United States about their legal rights to safe educations free from gender-based harms;
  • Train, organize, and support student survivor activists in challenging their educational institutions to address violence and discrimination;
  • Advocate for policy change at the school, state, and federal levels to ensure meaningful systemic action to end gender violence.

Who can apply to Know Your IX?

We are looking for rad, young activists (ages 14-24) to join  Know Your IX’s team— either as a Communications Organizer or as a Policy and Grassroots Organizer! Each organizer will receive $600 per semester to train young people about their rights, build and mobilize our student Title IX Campus Action Network (IX-CAN) in federal, state, and local level advocacy efforts, and ensure that student and survivor voices are at the center of media conversations relating to sexual violence in schools.


  • Applicants must be ages 14-24
  • Ability to work well remotely on a team, communicate (primarily via Zoom meetings and Slack), and collaborate with team members on creating and executing projects
  • Commitment to contribute 7-10 hours per week on average with some variation (e.g. the week of a bill hearing will require more hours, but the week after would be fewer), including participating in a minimum of 2 meetings per week
  • Experience working to end sexual violence through activism and organizing—this could mean anything from teaching peers, advocating for policy changes, participating in protests, to helping out in your community. Or, similar experience in other anti-violence and social justice movements (climate, economic justice, police and prison abolition, peace and anti-war, etc).
  • Working knowledge of Title IX and/or students’ civil rights protections in schools
  • An interest in developing expertise and skills in:
    • Advocating for local, state, and/or federal policy and legislation
    • Supporting and mentoring youth organizers in school-based campaigns
    • Creating and managing projects and programs that address students’ needs and combat gender-based violence in schools
    • Building partnerships between students, school administrators, advocates, and legislators to create policy change
    • Giving interviews and/or writing for media publications
    • Fundraising (writing solicitations, canvassing, events management, etc.)
    • Organizing strategic, meaningful campaign actions in your school or in your state
    • Communications: content creation, graphic design, social media management, website management etc.)

We particularly encourage people from marginalized groups, including but not limited to people with disabilities, people of color, trans people, queer people, first- or second-generation immigrants (including undocumented people), and people from low income families, to apply. We also encourage students from types of schools often overlooked in discussions of violence in schools, and survivors of forms of sexual and gender-based violence commonly ignored by anti-violence efforts (relationship abuse, violence in LGBTQI+ dating and relationships, etc.) to apply.

All KYIX organizers will receive a $600 stipend each semester and a scholarship to cover all costs related to attending the annual youth organizing conference.

NOTE: All accepted applicants must attend the Youth Activist Institute: This year, we’re so excited to be hosting the Youth Activist Institute in Washington, D.C! Activists accepted into our program are expected to attend the Youth Activist Institute in-person this September 7-11th, but in the event you are not comfortable traveling with the pandemic, there will be a hybrid option for participants.

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