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Sex Ed Resources

ARSHEP Case Videos

Case Video 1: Annual Visit, Abuse at Home 

In these two videos, a clinic visit for a suspected urinary tract infection reveals more serious concerns.

Video 1A

Video 1B

Case Video 2: Caring for a Young Person with a Chronic Condition  

These two videos demonstrate how to initiate conversations around sexual health with patients receiving ongoing care for chronic health conditions.

Video 2A

Video 2B

Case Video 3: Asking a Parent to Step Out

These videos demonstrate how to ask parents to step out of the exam room to allow teens to talk privately with their clinician.

Video 3

Case Video 4: Requesting Birth Control, Young Adolescent 

In these two videos, a provider counsels a young teen about birth control and healthy sexual relationships.

Video 4A

Video 4B

Case Video 5: Coming Out

In these two scenarios, a long-time patient comes into the clinic with stomach issues but is also struggling with his sexuality.

Video 5A

Video 5B


Case Video 6: Sexual History Taking and Gender 

These two videos highlight the experience of a transgender patient visiting a new primary care provider for care unrelated to his gender identity.

Video 6A

Video 6B


Case Video 7: Sports Physical and Sexual History 

These two scenes demonstrate how a typical sports physical is also an opportunity to discuss sexual health.

Video 7A

Video 7B


Case Video 8: Male Adolescent Reproductive Health 

These two videos present essential discussions to have with young men and reveal an opportunity for practicing culturally competent care.

Video 8A

Video 8B


Case Video 9: Long-Acting Reversible Contraception

These scenarios demonstrate a conversation about long-acting contraception and the importance of shared decision-making. 

Video 9A

Video 9B


Case Video 10: Drop-in Visit for Emergency Contraception 

These videos demonstrate repeated requests for emergency contraception and highlight that a patient’s sexual orientation doesn’t determine their sexual behavior or risks.

Video 10A

Video 10B


Case Video 11: Annual Visit, Sexually Transmitted Infections 

These two scenes focus on a patient in a long-term relationship, not currently using condoms, who suspects a sexually transmitted infection.

Video 11A

Video 11B


Case Video 12: STI Screening 

In this scenario, the provider discusses STI screening options with a patient whose girlfriend has asked that he get tested before they have sex.

Video 12A

Video 12B


Case Video 13: Discomfort Wearing Condoms 

A suspected sexually transmitted infection leads this provider to discuss why patients should consistently use condoms. Both scenarios demonstrate how providers can facilitate condom use.

Video 13A

Video 13B


Case Video 14: Unintended Pregnancy 

In these two videos, a visit for flu-like symptoms leads a provider to discuss pregnancy options and offer referrals for support. 

Video 14A

Video 14B


Case Video 15: Hoping for a Positive Pregnancy Test 

In these scenes, a patient seeks pregnancy and the provider has an opportunity to offer information and support. This scenario illustrates the importance of creating an environment for healthy decision-making, promoting youth agency, and recognizing autonomy as a first step in patient-centered care.

Video 15A

Video 15B

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