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Over 1500 abortion stories have been submitted to Abortion Out Loud and its previous form The 1 in 3 Campaign. Reading, sharing, and talking about these stories helps create empathy and compassion for those who have experienced abortion, and can even influence abortion policy.  Bring an abortion storytelling event to your campus or community.

Out of Silence Inspired by real abortion stories, Out of Silence confronts the cacophony of polarizing political rhetoric that surrounds abortion and instead asks us to listen to the voices of women and to explore with them the situations, relationships, emotions and logistics that contextualize their decisions to seek abortion care.  Dozens of campuses and communities host performances each year.  Composed of a series of vignettes, Out of Silence is at times heartbreaking, funny, and even commonplace, but always thought provoking and honest.

Inspired by the work of COLOR,  40 photographers and 40 storytellers worked on this photo project sharing their work and their lives to ensure everyone has access to abortion care.



Hundreds of campuses and communities have hosted reading groups to explore our collection of stories. Perfect for a book club or small campus event.