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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning young people around the United States and around the world have the right to safe and accepting environments, including homes, schools, and health care settings, and the right to live with dignity and without fear from stigma, discrimination and violence.

LGBTQ young people face challenges in communities and cultures which are homophobic. They need inclusive and culturally appropriate health care and sexual health education. And, they need to be accepted and loved for who they are.  

If you are conducting research on LGBT youth health and well-being, be sure to check out Advocates' LGBT Youth Research Guide for the most recent news, scholarly research, and publications from a variety of sources.


General Facts  

Redressing Sexual and Reproductive Health Disparities Among Young People

As members of more than one minority group, LGBTQ youth of color face special challenges in a society which often presents heterosexuality as the only acceptable orientation and in which nonwhites have disproportionately higher rates of negative sexual outcomes. Economic and cultural disparities, as well as sexual risk taking and other risk-taking behavior, make these youth vulnerable to HIV, pregnancy, and sexual violence. Holistic, culturally competent health care is essential to their well being.

Youth in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Around the world many countries have laws against sexual activity between people of the same sex; and in many of those without laws, GLBTQ people face stigma and discrimination. In many low- and middle-income countries, GLBTQ youth often have difficulty finding accurate information and safe spaces where they can find support, ask questions, and receive sexual health information without being harassed or attacked by peers or by adults, such as teachers or law enforcement officers.

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