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BREAKING: Ugandan court strikes down anti-LGBT law

Advocates welcomes the news that Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act has been struck down by a court ruling.  Since the bill was first conceived and drafted, it has been a source of danger and sorrow to LGBT young people in Uganda. The law as it stood not only made being LGBT punishable by prison, but threatened activist and educational groups that work with LGBT people. Many heroic activists on the ground have continued to work for the rights and safety of LGBT Ugandans, even at great personal risk.

While today's news is hopeful, the law was invalidated on technical grounds, without reference to the human rights violations of its content. Much work remains to be done to ensure that LGBT Ugandans are safe and have equal protection under the law.  

Reflections on Social Media Communication: National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day 2014

By Rachel Cooke, Associate Director of Communications, and Wesley  Dixon, NYHAAD Ambassador. Re-posted courtesy of

April 10, 2014 marked the second annual National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD), a day of action to put young people at the center of the conversation around HIV in our country, highlighting both the impact of HIV & AIDS on young people and their role in responding to the epidemic. Today we reflect on the use of Twitter, Facebook and infographics around NYHAAD.

Meeting Young People Where They Are

In preparation for NYHAAD, Advocates for Youth recognized that efforts had to be driven by young people, and recruited 17 Youth Ambassadors across the country to share their stories, illustrating the impact of HIV on young people and the barriers they face in seeking the information, testing, and treatment they need. The work of the Ambassadors exceeded our expectations, and their action resulted in blog posts, events nationwide, and proclamations of NYHAAD by the mayors of Gainesville, Florida, and Seattle, Washington.

Over the years, Advocates for Youth has learned that you have to meet young people where they are, and social media is an invaluable tool in reaching young people and elevating youth activism. Wesley Eugene Dixon, a NYHAAD Youth Ambassador and student at Yale University explained that “new forms of media empower young people to insert their voices in conversations that they have historically been left out of.”


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