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Youth Activist Alliance Leaders are youth organizers who run local or state-level grassroots campaigns for change in youth sexual health and rights and reproductive justice, in Alabama, Minnesota, Nevada, and Texas. By joining our Youth Activist Network (YAN), youth serve as local lead organizers for a city, county, or state alliance. By co-creating bold visions in the fight for a world free from oppression, each alliance will launch their own campaign for change targeting their county and city councils, school boards, and state legislatures, and build up a powerful base of young activists committed to the movement for reproductive justice.

  • Nevada:

    • The Nevada Youth Activist Alliance is a youth-led coalition fighting for sexual health rights, bodily autonomy, and reproductive justice. We are mobilizing activists across Nevada under a unified platform advocating for issues that affect the youth.
    • Sign up – bit.ly/NV-YAA

    • @nvyouthactivistalliance on Instagram

  • Texas:

    • The Texas Youth Activist Alliance is a group of young Texans running state-wide campaigns that fight for reproductive justice, access to sexual and reproductive health, and expanding abortion access. We are currently mobilizing Texans around accessing abortion care post SB8, and passing local municipal ordinances that provide local funding for transportation costs to abortion clinics
    • Sign up – bit.ly/TX-YAA

    • @txyouthactivistalliance on Instagram

  • Alabama:

    • The Alabama Youth Activist Alliance is a group of young leaders running state-level grassroots campaigns to make change in youth sexual health and rights and reproductive justice. We support and advocate with young people towards a better, healthier, safer future. Our main focus this year is better sex education and abortion education, but our alliance advocates for better reproductive health, resource access, body autonomy, LGBTQ+ rights, and any other human rights under the reproductive justice model. 

    • Sign up – bit.ly/AL-YAA

    • @alyouthactivistalliance on Instagram

      • For the last 8 years, young people and allies from across Alabama have pushed for the removal of homophobic and transphobic language in their sex education curriculum. The AL YAA continued the fight and organized alongside SIECUS, AIDS Alabama and URGE to get this bill (HB385) signed into law and advance sex education in the state. Check it out → https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJt4ukl0uE/

    • @alyouthactivist on Twitter

  • Minnesota:

    • The Minnesota Youth Activist Alliance is a reproductive justice organization focused on activating the political power of Minnesota youth ages 14-24. Our primary goal is to improve access to comprehensive, inclusive sexual education through legislative action and community organizing. This year we are focusing our organizing on the local level, working with local middle and high schoolers to secure comprehensive, inclusive sex ed from their school districts.

    • Sign up: http://bit.do/JoinMNYAA

    • @mnyouthactivistalliance on Instagram

    • @mnyouthactivist on Twitter

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