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We’re excited to welcome young activists from around the country to the 2022 Youth Activist Institute! This year’s theme is Be Bold. Act Out. Demand Change.

Over the last few years, young people around the country have felt the attacks on bodily autonomy in all aspects of their lives. We are coming together to train and prepare you to build and take radical political action in the upcoming year.

During the YAI, we hope you will connect with one another across the 10 councils in our Youth Activist Network, receive training in grassroots organizing for change, hear from speakers around a variety of topics connected to our work, and speak out to make tangible, powerful change.

Featured Speaker: Dominique Morgan

Dominique Morgan is an award-winning artist, activist, and TEDx speaker. As the former Executive Director of Black and Pink, the largest prison abolitionist organization in the United States, Dominique worked daily to dismantle the systems that perpetuate violence on LGBTQ/GNC people and individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Partnering her lived experience of being impacted by mass incarceration (including 18 months in solitary confinement), with a decade of change-making artistry, advocacy, and background in public health, she continues to work in spaces of sex education, radical self-care, and transformative youth development with intentions of dismantling the prison industrial complex and its impact on our communities. Most recently, Dominique joined Borealis Philanthropy where she serves as Program Director for the Fund for Trans Generations. Dominique is a Ten Outstanding Young Americans Award recipient, NAACP Freedom Fighter Award recipient, JM Kaplan Innovation Prize recipient, and the 2021 United States nominee for Ten Outstanding Young People in the World. She is the only global model in Apple’s history and has been featured in People, The Advocate, and Out Magazine. 

About Advocates for Youth

Advocates for Youth envisions a society in which all young people are valued, respected and treated with dignity; sexuality is accepted as a healthy part of being human; and youth sexual development is normalized  and embraced.  In such a world, all youth and young adults are celebrated for who they are and afforded honest, affirming, inclusive sex education; access to confidential, universal sexual health services; and the economic, educational, and social power to exercise their bodily autonomy and make informed decisions regarding their health and well-being.

Advocates for Youth partners with young people and their adult allies to champion youth rights to bodily autonomy and build power to transform policies, programs and systems to secure sexual health and equity for all youth.

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