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I was 16 going on 17, my boyfriend at the time was crap. He was abusive and manipulative, he though I would him since I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend a year before. He would call me a whore and would coerce and force me into having sex with him. After I found out about him cheating on me I went to the clinic, I was tired and I wanted to know I was okay, no STD's.


In my second year of college, when I was 18 years old, I was very sexually inexperienced. I had only ever kissed a couple of guys in high school, and nothing more than that. I also had a very low self-esteem, as I felt I was not attractive at all, and my inability to date furthered this belief. By my second year of college, I had pretty much shut down emotionally.


Two years ago i was 14 years old and in an abusive relationship with my boyfriend. After a year together he raped me and that was how i lost my virginity.


I was 19 and in college and I had to make the biggest decision of my life. To have a baby whose father was a drug user and a drinker. Who had already cheated on me and then dumped me.


When I was 22, I got involved with an older man who was separated from his wife (living separately as well). Within 2 months, he asked me to marry him, be the mother of his children, and wanted us to live together so we got an apartment just over the border in New Hampshire.


I grew up in a very emotionally unhealthy family, I didn't know about personal boundaries or that I could say no, stop.

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