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I was 16 years old and it was 1975 (5 years after Roe V Wade) and I was dating a 19 year old who had been sexually active. We started dating in 1974 and I had been able to avoid having sex.


At 38 yrs old I finally was divorced but not free from my ex. We shared custody of our two sons and I got pregnant after being sexually assaulted by him.


When I was 16 (going on 17...!) I lost my virginity to a college guy. I don't remember even really know what was going on but the next thing I knew I was pregnant.


It was April 2014. I was 22 and I had just moved from Michigan to Arizona, fresh out of college. It was Easter and I was 2,000 miles away from my family. I had met a guy online the day before.


It was a month after I tried to commit suicide that I was raped. While driving myself home after the rape, I could feel what he had left behind in me. the only idea that was going through my mind was how could I forget about it and go to work the next day.

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