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I became pregnant with my first child last year in my late 30's! I was elated and filled with an unexplained amount of love for this being simply for being a part of me. I didn't know that my heart can open so big.


I have had two abortions. I had my first abortion when I was twenty-three. I was employed, saving to travel the world, and madly in love. Unfortunately he was on the other side of the world that I wanted to travel to and a very bad letter writer.

Sarah Jane

I terminated my pregnancy due to medical conditions of the baby. I was very sad at the time as we tried for over six years to get pregnant with our second baby. On my 2nd round of Clomid (fertility drug) we were able to get pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. We did not find out anything was wrong with her until almost the 15-16th week.


I have been pregnant a total of eight times. I have three children at home, ages 17, 15 and 6. I am raising them in a loving, supportive and financially stable home. Now.


I am 27. I had no idea I was pregnant. I was still getting a period. Then all of a sudden, I didn't for a month. I took 5 pregnancy tests and they all came back positive. I told my boyfriend, who I live with later that day. He was scared but happy because he didn't know what we were going to do.


I saved the ultrasound picture in a dated envelope, stuck it in a drawer and just as I closed the drawer - I closed out that moment in my life. They asked if I planned to continue with the pregnancy, at the tender, scared and reckless age of 18, in a low whisper, I said, “No.”

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