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I got pregnant in 1997 with a guy who seduced me and manipulated me into a relationship with him. We used condoms every time, so I was in shock when I found out I got pregnant.


I wish I could tell everyone my story without enduring judgment, but the sad fact remains that few people seem capable or willing to try to understand this situation and they react with irrational emotion rather than empathy and thus no productive discourse can happen.


Although I am not "proud" that I have had two abortions, I am extremely happy that they were legal, my decision, and somewhat affordable. My first was an accident...the condom broke.


I was seventeen years old and in an abusive relationship with a man who was twenty-five, enough said there! I got pregnant and thought to myself, I don't want to be tied to him for the next eighteen years and I also don't have any business trying to raise a child.

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