Young People and the 2022 Midterm Election

Though several House and Senate seats remain too close to call, crucial victories make it clear that there is hope for the future of the United States. Advocates for Youth celebrates the success of three constitutional amendments protecting abortion rights in California, Michigan, and Vermont and the defeat of an anti-abortion measure in Kentucky. Advocates congratulates Maryland governor Wes Moore and Senator John Fetterman, and many progressives across the country who secured victories last night. 

“Young people vote, and young people are fighting for abortion access, LGBTQ rights, and liberation for everyone,” said Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth. “Young people will never let basic humanity disappear in this country. They’re ready to work with our new elected officials to move this country forward.”

We know there is work yet to be done. Youth activists will keep fighting against the hateful and dangerous policies enacted by Florida governor Ron DeSantis and Texas governor Greg Abbott among others who deny the humanity of LGBTQ people, immigrants, and people who need abortion care. It is also vitally important that we remove barriers to voting and end the widespread suppression of the vote that is rampant in the United States. 

Advocates also celebrates wins for representation, including Wes Moore as the first Black governor of Maryland; Maxwell Alejandro Frost of Florida, now our youngest member of Congress; and Maura Healey, poised to become the first woman governor of Massachusetts and the nation’s first lesbian governor among many others. Young people deserve to see themselves reflected in our elected officials. 

“Young people are working in their communities to make sure every person has the right to bodily autonomy, safety, and dignity,” said Debra Hauser. “They helped bring us these election results and they’ll continue to fight back against the poisonous rhetoric and harmful policies of the far right.”