Young People Advocating for Peace in the Middle East Should Not Face Retaliation

As violence continues to escalate in the Middle East, Advocates calls on political leaders to end the devastation and to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of those living in the region. 

Over the last few months we have seen the disproportionate toll the violence in Gaza has taken on Palestinian young people and the leadership of young people across the world coming together for peace and justice. The gravity and impact of the violence inflicted on the people in Gaza is unmeasurable and horrific. 

Advocates condemns the harassment and threats experienced by young activists and staff in our movements working for the rights of Palestinians and against Islamophobia and antisemitism. Young people have the right to fight for justice. Targeting activists and employees, and driving them out of their jobs and schools is unacceptable. 

Further, we condemn US politicians and others around the world who are using dangerous and genocidal rhetoric that escalates tensions and promulgates hate. We call for a permanent cease-fire in Gaza and for the safe release of all hostages. We call for an end to the horrific violence once and for all.  

Advocates for Youth envisions a society in which all young people are valued, respected and treated with dignity — which includes being protected from violence and granted bodily autonomy.

Young people and their families – regardless of their ethnicity or religion – deserve to live in a world where their humanity and identity is recognized and affirmed. We support young people who are organizing for a world without Islamophobic and antisemitic violence and urgently call for a just political and diplomatic end to the violence.