Victory in Ireland

Advocates for Youth president Debra Hauser on the great news that the voters of Ireland overturned its abortion ban:  “Today we celebrate this victory for the abortion access fighters of Ireland and for every person in Ireland who needs abortion care.  We cannot allow another death like that of Savita Halappanavar  – who died from infection when the hospital would not allow an abortion of her terminally ill fetus.  Savita, and many thousands of others, would still be with us today if policy makers respected women who need abortion care over ideology and political expedience.  We need to create a world not just where abortion is legal but where everyone has access.  That means ending waiting periods, mandatory ultrasounds,  arbitrary time period bans, and parental involvement laws in our own country, and working to ensure abortion access around the world.   We honor the activists who led this effort, many of whom were young women, and the voters who voted overwhelmingly to end the ban.  Around the world young people are moving their countries forward, and we are proud to stand with them.”