Trump Administration Places Seal of Approval on LGBT Bullying

The Justice Department has issued sweeping guidance allowing federal agencies and contractors using taxpayer dollars to discriminate against LGBT people, under the guise of so-called religious freedom. Under this guidance, LGBT people could be fired, refused service, or denied family and medical leave. LGBT job applicants can be turned away without recourse, all because an employer claims religious freedom and is in opposition to being LGBT.

“LGBT students already face stigma, bullying and harassment in schools and their communities. As a result they are disproportionately susceptible to depression, suicidal thinking and suicide attempts,” said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth. “And now they’re hearing from the highest political office in the land that it’s OK to for the government to discriminate against them. This guidance is immoral, unethical and sickening.”


“And it is not just LGBT people at risk. The guidance gives federal agencies and their contractors leeway to discriminate against anyone they choose –women, unmarried couples, those needing mental health counseling or victims of human trafficking–as long as they cite a cause derived from their religious beliefs.”

“We cannot allow this administration to continue its systematic attack on those most vulnerable within our communities under the pretense of religious freedom. It’s counter to everything we believe in. It is in defiance of this country’s foundational tenet of separation of church and state. It is grossly unjust. This administration is on the wrong side of history. Advocates for Youth and the young people with whom we work stand in steadfast support of LGBT health, rights and dignity.”