Statement on the Confirmation of Betsy DeVos

We are gravely disappointed that so underqualified a candidate has been confirmed as Secretary of Education. Quality public education can make or break whether children, teenagers, and college students succeed. Our education system goes beyond academia, affecting students’ safety, well-being, and physical and emotional health. We urge Betsy DeVos to take seriously the CDC’s alarming findings about the risk factors faced by LGBT youth, and to work to ensure they are valued and celebrated for who they are. We urge her to maintain the 2016 Title IX guidance documents that protect transgender students. We urge her to address the appalling racial disparities in education. And we urge her to continue the work that the Department of Education has done to address sexual assault on college campuses by enforcing Title IX protections.These are serious responsibilities. We only hope Betsy DeVos is up to the task.