Statement on Restrictive Abortion Laws in Texas

Today, the most restrictive abortion law in the country will take effect in Texas. The law will ban abortion after  6 weeks  – before many people even know they are pregnant. It will also allow private citizens to turn in people who have had abortions, their doctors, and anyone who helped them in the process, including family, friends, abortion funds, and an untold number of others. Anyone who successfully brings suit will be rewarded with at least $10,000, to be paid by the person turned in.

This bill creates an atmosphere of violence and fear around abortion decisions. Instead of making a decision for themselves and their families, people who need abortions are forced to contend with secrecy, worry, and the idea of endangering their loved ones and even their doctors.

“No one who needs an abortion should have to go through what this law does to people. It brings to mind the novel 1984 – incentivizing our neighbors to monitor and report us. It allows everyone to have control over our bodies and our families except us. It strips us of autonomy and puts us in danger.  All people should have power and control over their bodies – especially when they are pregnant,” said Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth.

“It’s appalling that this bill has made it this far – and it’s frankly terrifying that the courts have yet to intervene to stop it,” continued Debra Hauser.  “Young people will not let the right to abortion access slip away in Texas or elsewhere. They will continue to fight back until everyone’s right to bodily autonomy is recognized and protected.”