Statement on Looming Government Shutdown

Advocates for Youth is furious over a looming government shutdown. Congress has  until September 30 at midnight to prevent a government shutdown by passing Appropriations bills or a Continuing Resolution. Instead, extreme House Republicans are abusing the Appropriations process to advance their anti-immigrant, anti-reproductive rights, and anti-LGBTQ agenda. All summer we saw extreme House Republicans threaten to cut federal funding over gender affirming care, drag shows, Pride flags, and even LGBTQ+ community centers. 

The impending shutdown leaves two million federal employees at potential risk of not being paid – even though ones classified as essential will still have to work. It is possible that the Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) and the Women Infants and Children (WIC) programs, which serve nearly 7 million pregnant and postpartum women, infants, and children, will no longer be available. Federally funded clinics may need to cut down on services. The process for issuing new Title IX rules will likely be delayed even further.

Young people deserve a functioning government that can fight for their needs and provide critical services.  Let’s be very clear, this shutdown was preventable.  There is seemingly no limit to the harm the far right is willing to cause in the quest to gain power and achieve their harmful agenda.