Statement on 5th Circuit Decision on Mifepristone

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has overturned Judge Kascmaryk’s biased and unsound decision to suspend mifepristone’s approval while an appeal is heard, but has insisted that harmful, outdated, medically unnecessary requirements be reinstated. The case against mifepristone is groundless, and was fabricated as part of the anti-abortion movement’s efforts to end legal abortion everywhere in this country. Mifepristone is part of a safe and effective regimen for abortion care, and has been safely used by millions since it was approved over 20 years ago. 

Both the Kacsmaryk decision and the 5th Circuit’s decision today are shocking attacks on the FDA’s authority and expertise. Young people have the right to pregnancy options and that includes the right to the medication abortion regimen that is best for them.

“The suspension of mifepristone’s availability by telemedicine takes away another abortion option, yet again for no legitimate medical or legal reason,” said Diana Rhodes, Vice President of Policy, Partnerships, and Organizing for Advocates for Youth.  “Young people aren’t going to let abortion access disappear in this country. Through clinic access and through self-managed abortion, medication abortion is and will continue to be available for those who need it.”