Statement from Debra Hauser on Separation of Migrant Families

UPDATE: The Trump Administration’s “solution” to the migrant family separation crisis – placing entire families in Trump Camps at the border for an indefinite period of time – is no solution. Meanwhile, sources in the Administration say children already taken from their parents won’t be reunited. This executive order is a publicity stunt by a cabal of heartless bigots. We need to keep up the pressure until families are reunited and migrants are welcomed to this country with compassion and resources rather than trauma and torture.


It is with deep outrage and anguish that I write to you today to condemn this administration’s abominable separation of migrant children from their families. Like you, I have watched, listened, and read with a sense of horror and despair, questioning the very soul of this country. Each day as new violations are brought to light, I worry about the families torn apart, and wonder if our nation will ever find its way to justice and liberation.

But then, scrolling through my social media, I see the determination and moral courage of Advocates’ youth activists and other young people everywhere. Every day, they are leading the fight to end these and other terrible injustices. They are protesting, volunteering, contacting their representatives, and giving their hard-earned money. I am in awe of their resiliency and creativity. They have moved mountains and they never stop.


Now, as always, Advocates for Youth follows the lead of our youth activists as they fight for freedom and equity for all. I urge you to do so as well. Below are some concrete steps you can take to help in the current crisis. But don’t stop there – we need to stay working and take inspiration from the energy and dedication of youth activists.

Let’s stand with young people in the fight for this country.

Action steps:

Find an action in your area. Protests are planned around the nation for June 30. We need to show up for migrant families and make it clear that we won’t stand for this violation of human rights and human decency.

Donate to an organization helping out in this fight. Many have chosen the RAICES family unification bond fund. And there are other ways to donate – just find one that makes sense to you.

Call your Senators and Representative and tell them you won’t stand for this child abuse to continue. Demand that they commit to ending the separation of families at the border.


Debra Hauser