Ohio’s Cruel and Irresponsible New Abortion Law

Once again, Governor John Kasich and the Ohio State Legislature have allowed political rhetoric rather than women’s health care dictate policy. One in three women will need abortion care in her lifetime, at different points of pregnancy. Many things can stand in the way of a woman who is seeking abortion care – including laws Ohio has already put into place, requiring waiting periods and two separate counseling sessions. Restrictions like these force women to get abortions later in pregnancy and can entirely thwart those who do not have the means for travel or a hotel stay, in a state where 91% of counties do not have an abortion provider.


Further, these laws fail to take into consideration fetal anomalies which, detected later in pregnancy, require a heartbreaking decision from a family, one that is only made harder by restrictions like the ones signed into law yesterday.These are the realities of seeking abortion care in Ohio. But Governor Kasich admits, even brags, that rather than basing decisions in reality, he has allowed Ohio’s anti-abortion advocates to determine abortion law.

Governor Kasich and the Ohio Legislature have acted in an irresponsible and cruel manner. Politicians should not interfere in the lives of people making important medical decisions.