Migrant Busing Must Stop

The busing of migrants,including children and young people, across the country by Govs. Greg Abott (Texas), Doug Doucy (Arizona), and Ron DeSantis (Florida), as a political stunt, must stop. Using human beings as political props, belittling and ignoring the experiences and needs of these migrants, and treating migrants as something to be disposed of: these are reprehensible acts. Young people understand that all migrants deserve the right to escape danger and seek a new life, and that migrants should be provided services and treated with compassion. 

“All three of these men have self-identified as ‘pro life,’” said Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth. “As is so often the case, they have no interest in actually protecting people’s health and lives, only in flexing their political muscles. To prey on those less powerful in order to build one’s own political profile, is unconscionable. Where is their humanity? We applaud the mutual aid volunteers, organizations, and administrations that are helping these migrants find safety and shelter.”