Iowa Passes Abortion Ban Counter to the Beliefs of Iowans

Iowa’s abortion ban is harmful, cruel, and against the wishes of Iowans, a large majority of whom believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

Advocates for Youth is deeply proud to work with a network of young people across the country, including in Iowa, who are working to ensure everyone has access to the abortion care they need when they need it. Lawmakers working to force through harmful bans and restrictions are severely out of touch with the millions of young people who support abortion access, who have watched as bans stripped pregnant people of their autonomy and endangered their health and lives.

These abortion bans are part of a relentless campaign to deny young people the information and care they need. In March, Iowa also enacted a ban on gender affirming care and a bill restricting bathroom access for transgender young people; in June, Iowa passed a law restricting honesty in teaching and discussing race and gender. Iowa’s governor Kim Reynolds continues to urge the legislature to pass a “don’t say gay or trans” style bill that would encourage book banning and force all school personnel to “out” gender-nonconforming youth to their parents. 

Advocates for Youth is working alongside young people seeking to expand abortion access, not limit it. Young people have the right to lead healthy lives, and that means access to the full spectrum of reproductive and sexual health care, including sex education, contraception, abortion, prenatal care, and parenting support. Young people will never let abortion access disappear for Iowans– they’re raising money, providing travel assistance, and advocating to ensure abortion medication is available on college campuses. We need to follow their lead and keep up the fight for abortion access.