Anti-immigration orders are unjust and immoral

Entry bans, anti-immigrant policies including stripping funding from sanctuary cities, border shutdowns, and border walls contribute to an environment that is already filled with racism, anti-Muslim hate, and anti-immigrant sentiment. This President is spearheading an era of hate, fear, and harm.  He is taking us down a profoundly un-American path. We should be ashamed of his actions, and band together to stop them.

Further, attacks on immigrants harm young people’s reproductive health.  A young person who fears deportation may not seek out the health care they need and may not even be able to seek help if they have experienced violence.  A young person living in a country which discriminates on the basis of race and religion is unlikely to receive culturally appropriate sex education. And a young person living in a hate-filled environment cannot reach their full potential.

Advocates for Youth stands firmly against these policies and the profiling of individuals because of their real or perceived race, ethnicity, religion, or country of origin.  Beyond the indigenous peoples of our country, this is a nation of immigrants–some of us forced to come here against our will; others seeking refuge from violence or genocide; many simply in search of a better and potentially more prosperous way of life. It is arrogant and unconscionable to pretend otherwise.  Indeed it is amoral to use “alternative facts”  to promote fear and nurture hate, as the Administration has attempted to do with its claim that the actions are to protect women and LGBT people. Advocates for Youth stands firmly against these policies and the tactics used to promote them.