Advocates for Youth Applauds the Biden/Harris Administration for Expanding the Child Tax Credit

The expansion of the Child Tax Credit is a powerful step to support low- and middle-income families, including young families, and lift 26 million children out of poverty.

 “Too often young parents face stigma and discrimination from a society that demonizes their choice to parent and fails to support their efforts to provide their children with the security and dignity they deserve”, said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth.  “As a  result young parents face serious challenges to finishing their own education, providing their children with safe and supportive daycare, and finding meaningful and gainful employment.  These are not problems caused by parenting itself but the failure of policies, institutions and societal attitudes to support these young families.” 

 Yesterday the Biden/Harris Administration took a step in the right direction.  The Child Tax Credit offers parents—and importantly,  young parents — the opportunity to put food on the table, cover the costs of school supplies, and secure safe daycare options for their children. 

Far from burdening society, research shows the Child Tax Credits’ return on investment is money well spent, saving $8 for every $1 invested and resulting in improved health for children and their parents, better educational outcomes and higher future incomes.

Supporting families, and particularly young families, is a smart investment in America’s future.