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The International Youth Activist Network consists primarily of young people, adult allies, and youth-led and youth-serving NGOs in the global south, which implement and advocate for programs and policies to improve young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. The iYAN newsletter provides monthly updates to members on Advocates’ international programming; global, regional and country-level news; opportunities to take action; and tools and resources addressing a wide range of sexual and reproductive health and rights issues affecting adolescents and youth. These issues include sexuality education, HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and treatment; contraceptive access and family planning; abortion access; maternal mortality and morbidity; child marriage, female genital cutting/mutilation, and other harmful practices; gender-based violence; young women and girls’ empowerment; and LGBTQ youth health and rights. Check out the iYAN’s monthly newsletters below and use the text box to the left to sign up for updates!

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