Our comprehensive, evidence-based curriculum is designed and updated in collaboration with a faculty of extensively trained adolescent medicine physicians with a shared goal of educating youth-serving professionals in best practices for adolescent reproductive and sexual health. The curriculum modules and standardized case videos below are free to use, edit, and share. The faculty are also available for live and web-based presentations at grand rounds, conferences, and other medical education venues.

Please refer to our Case Video Facilitation Guide for further inspiration on how to integrate the case videos into your teaching.

Best Practices

Collaboration or Coercion

This module explores challenges in prioritizing young people’s agency and autonomy in contraceptive counseling and provision.

Adolescent-Friendly Health Services

This module identifies barriers to health care access faced by adolescents, describes elements of adolescent-friendly health services, and utilizes the HEEADSSS model of patient interviewing

Physicians as Advocates for Adolescent Reproductive Health

This module lists reasons for physician advocacy for adolescent reproductive health, describes how to effectively use storytelling as a tool for advocacy, and discusses ways physicians can influence public policy.

Providing Confidential Reproductive Health Care

This module explains why confidentiality is essential to adolescent clinical care and explores the laws regarding minors’ access to reproductive health services.

Cultural Competency and Adolescent Health

This module discusses the relationship between culture and health in the context of adolescent-friendly services and describes the intersection of patient-centered care and cultural competency.

Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)

This module covers risk factors and indicators for commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) and discusses the role of health care providers in assessing and responding to CSEC.

Case Video: Annual Visit, Abuse at Home

In these two videos, a clinic visit for a suspected urinary tract infection reveals more serious concerns.

Case Video: Chronically Ill Adolescent

These two videos demonstrate how to initiate conversations around sexual health with patients receiving ongoing care for chronic conditions.

Case Video: Asking a Parent to Step Out

This video models how to ask parents to allow for one-on-one time with a young patient.

Case Video: Request for Birth Control, Young Adolescent

In these two videos, a provider shows concern when a very young patient seeks contraception and discusses sexual behavior and sexual pleasure with her patient.

Caring for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Question Youth

This module lists elements of LGBTQ-competent health care delivery, discusses resiliency and risk factors that contribute to health outcomes for these communities, and describes resources.

Caring for Transgender Adolescents

This module defines gender terminology, discusses primary and specialized care that may be needed by transgender adolescents, and explains how bias and stigma create health disparities.

Case Video: Coming Out

In these two scenarios, a long-time patient comes into clinic with stomach issues but is also struggling with his sexuality.