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My husband and I had decided not to have children. And then while taking some medication for a gynecological problem and while thinking I couldn't get pregnant, we had unprotected sex and I did. The medication was contraindicated for pregnant women as it was known to cause birth defects. For the two above reasons I decided to terminate the pregnancy.


My husband brought me to a hospital and a D&C was performed. I did not even know I was pregnant at the time. Under the new anti-abortion scenario proposed by some political groups, would that D&C have been unlawful? Would I have been left to bleed to death rather than remove the remains of a fetus that was most likely already dead?


My abortion was on the anniversary of Roe v Wade and there were nutbags picketing PP, so my dearest friend and I crossed the picket line and then we kissed in front of the nutbags just to confuse them, so, then were yelling at us that were lesbians having an abortion that was pretty funny, and we still laugh about that part.


I am a responsible person and I had 2 abortions in my life. While I can not say I am proud of this, and that I never intended or wished to be in that position, it happened. I had two unintended pregnancies.

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