Why do you fight for sex ed? Corey

In honor of #SexEdforAll month, we asked young people: Why do you fight for sex education?

Here’s what Corey, Engaging Communities around HIV Organizing, had to say:

“I fight for Sex Education For All because, like in my home state of Mississippi, comprehensive and medically accurate sex education is very hard to access in K-12 public schools. Mississippi has amongst the highest rates in unplanned teen pregnancies, HIV diagnosis, and STD/STI rates. A lack of affirming education clearly leads to a lack of knowledge, which leaves the majority of people clueless of a lot of useful and stigma-free information that is out there. As a young male, I grew up with a mindset that I would be one of the last people to contract an STD, let alone HIV. If I knew just a small amount of the information that I know now as a teenager, I probably would have made way better decisions when it comes to sexual relations.Young people deserve a sex education curriculum that does not make them feel disgusted or less of a person.”