We’re Recruiting Youth Activists!

Are you a young person (14-24 years old) who:

  • Is interested in joining a community of young leaders advocating for reproductive and sexual health across the country?
  • Wants to develop skills to make a difference in your community?

Apply today to join one of Advocates for Youth’s programs!



Youth activists are making their voices heard more than ever – in the Black Lives Matter movement, the immigration movement, the transgender rights movement, the abortion movement, and many others. Young people are leading the reproductive and sexual health and rights movement, and Advocates for Youth is committed to building the skills and power of youth activists around the nation.

Advocates’ youth activists have done amazing work this year. You can join them in:

  • Advocating for better sexual health education policies in your state
  • Increasing HIV testing and condom availability in your community or on your campus
  • Ensuring that universities provide safe and supportive learning environments for LGBTQ students of color.
  • Mobilizing your peers around international family planning issues
  • Working toward ending the shame and stigma people are made to feel about having an abortion

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, click here to find out more about the programs and apply today ! Applications are due April 15, 2017.

If you are a parent, teacher, or advocate who knows young people who are passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights, please encourage them to apply.