Statement on Supreme Court’s Overturn of Roe and Casey

From Debra Hauser, President, Advocates for Youth

“I am one of the millions of people in the United States who have had an abortion. Today, I am disgusted. Disgusted to live in a country that can turn a blind eye to the needs of so many.  Disgusted by a clearly political decision from the highest court in the land. – Rest assured, abortion access will not disappear in this country. Abortion has always been and will continue to be healthcare that those of us who can become pregnant will seek out–even at grave cost to ourselves.

When I found myself pregnant, I had a 6-month-old baby and my husband had disappeared six weeks earlier after draining our bank account. I realized at my very core that I could not care for another child.  I decided then and there to get an abortion. To this day, I am confident it was the most responsible, moral, and loving action I could have taken for myself and my son. I have never regretted my abortion. For myself and my family, I am thankful I had the means and the opportunity. And I will not stop speaking out about it until that opportunity is afforded to all.

Since my abortion in 1995, anti-abortion extremists have become a dominant force in politics and government at every level.  Now, clinics are under attack every day and ensuring a patient walks safely into a clinic in some areas requires a massive volunteer effort. Many people already live hundreds of miles from a clinic; prior to this decision there was only one clinic in Mississippi that offered abortion care. For youth under 18, in most states they must involve their parents in their abortion care or stand before a judge and hope the judge is on their side. We have lost abortion access every year since Roe. 

And Conservatives have celebrated their “pro-life” achievements without taking a single action to make families safer. In fact, the right has made the world vastly more dangerous for children and young people, with militarized police departments, anti-LGBTQ laws and policies, unchecked pro-gun culture, and rampant racist/fascist discourse.

We are living in a dangerous time. And this Supreme Court seems intent on making it all the more dangerous.  

Young people growing up in this world have never known a time when abortion access was not under attack. They have seen restriction after restriction. They have fought back in every way they can, through political action, protest, campaigns to end stigma, and far more. Yet time and time again politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored their efforts. That is deeply shameful. But it won’t stop young people, who are already more prepared for this outcome than our President and Congress. They have built a network of young people around the country committed to fighting bans, funding abortion, providing practical support to help people travel, and learning about self-managed abortion care. They recognized long ago that the courts won’t save us. 

We need everyone to work alongside young people as the fight for access becomes more desperate. Ask yourself:  what can I do today to ensure everyone who needs an abortion can get an abortion?”

No matter where you live, you can help people access abortion in your community by:

    • Remembering that abortion is still legal in the vast majority of the country. It’s important not to spread misinformation at this crucial time. 
    • If you’re ages 14-24, join young people working to expand access in anticipation of just this moment: through abortion funds, doula training, practical support networks, clinics, pharmacies, telehealth providers, self-managed care strategies, and more. Join YouthASC here.
    • Donate to an abortion fundhelp someone pay for the abortion they need.