Statement on District Court Ruling Limiting Prep Access

“Though we don’t yet know the ramifications of US District Judge Reed O’Connor’s ruling overturning the ACA’s mandate that PReP must be covered in insurance plans, we do know that the decision is harmful on so many levels. Religious beliefs cannot and must not dictate lifesaving health care services. It’s horrific that a company would use religion to try to deny such an important treatment – a treatment that can protect the health of young people. This country has headed too far down a dangerous path of violence and bigotry toward LGBTQ youth. Every day, their very lives are endangered by our government’s choice to endorse utterly vile laws and policies. LGBTQ youth are some of our most vulnerable young people, and we must work to protect, affirm, and celebrate them. Nearly 40,000 young people in the U.S. are on PrEP and many more are eligible. Taking PrEP access away is cruel – and hiding behind religion to get government support for homophobia and transphobia is as low as it gets.” – Statement from Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes, Advocates for Youth’s Vice President of Policy, Partnerships, and Organizing