Regional Module: Teacher Training on Comprehensive Sexuality Education for East and Southern Africa


This module was developed as a resource to support pre-service training of teachers for the delivery of school-based sexuality education in East and Southern Africa. Designed for trainers who are delivering pre-service training on sexuality education in the region, this participatory training equips teachers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to deliver effective sexuality education in the classroom.

Pre-tested in Uganda and through a regional training of trainers workshop held in South Africa, the module includes nine core sessions lasting approximately 38 hours, requiring a total of 42 hours in its totality. Key topic areas include adolescent sexual and reproductive health in East and Southern Africa; an overview of sexuality education; adolescent development; experiential learning and facilitation skills; classroom management; application of skills through simulation of lesson plan delivery, and policy and ethical considerations.

Trainers can use the module to tailor trainings according to the number of days/hours available for training teachers. While the material is focused on training teachers for school-based sexuality education, the material can be adapted to out-of-school environments.

Full Teacher Training Module:

Teacher Training Module by Sessions:

Regional Lesson Plans: A Set of Individual Scripted Lesson Plans for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in East and Southern Africa.
This set of 14 individual scripted lesson plans was developed to support school-based delivery of comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in East and Southern Africa.