New Abortion Rates, Same Health Care Needs

Abortion care is vital to many women’s health and lives, and access to highly effective birth control is one more thing we stand to lose if the Affordable Care Act is repealed. These are the two main takeaways from Guttmacher Institute’s findings on the slight drop in the abortion rate in the United States.

The 1 in 3 Campaign, which works to end the stigma around abortion care and ensure abortion access for all who need it, has collected over 1200 stories from people who have experienced abortion.

These women and many, many more, totaling nearly a million every year, get abortions for a wide variety of reasons. In many states, onerous restrictions stand in their way – forced ultrasounds, waiting periods, and onerous judicial bypass laws being just a few of these. Politicians score points by threatening to “defund Planned Parenthood,” a move which would greatly harm many who rely on their services for birth control, STD screening, and abortion care. And now, Republicans are making it their first priority to attack the Affordable Care Act, taking away even more healthcare options, including coverage of highly effective birth control.

“The bottom line is, abortion is a part of women’s lives and has been for thousands of years. “Whether it’s 950,000 women or 925,000 women, we all know someone who has had an abortion and we need to make sure everyone has the health care they need,” said Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth. “From long-acting reversible contraception, to affordable and accessible abortion care, we all have the right to lead healthy lives.”

It is time politicians recognize that access to abortion care and contraception is a cornerstone of both healthcare and people’s ability to plan their futures. We need community members, providers and activists to stand up for these rights, now more than ever.