Biden Nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court

Advocates for Youth is thrilled with the historic nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S, Supreme Court. She is eminently qualified, with distinguished experience as a federal judge, and will serve as a role model for young Black women everywhere. In a month of terrible news about additional abortion bans, horrifying attacks on LGBTQ youth in Florida and Texas, and a human rights catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, we are relieved to see that our nation can still make progress. 

As the Court continues to address the critical issues impacting young people — in particular, abortion justice, affirmative action, and equitable treatment for transgender youth — the President has made the right decision in nominating Judge Jackson. Her dedication to civil rights and the health and well-being of young people, immigrants, the housing insecure, and working parents will be a much needed perspective on the Court. 

As young people have risen up to fight for essential reforms to the justice system, we are also heartened to have a nominee who is a former public defender, and someone who understands how deeply unfair the criminal justice system can be. Judge Jackson’s time as an assistant federal public defender and her service on the U.S. Sentencing Commission will bring a new perspective to the nation’s highest court. We hope this experience will help protect marginalized people across the country as the Supreme Court weighs in on some of the most fundamental human rights issues over the next few decades.

The omission of a Black woman on the highest court in the land is a glaring stain on our country’s history. A Black woman’s perspective is essential as the Court considers issues that deeply impact women, youth, people of color, and the most marginalized Americans. 

Young people call on the Senate to honor their Constitutional duty to give her a fair and timely confirmation. We demand a court that reflects the people most impacted by their rulings. If Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed, we’ll be one step closer to that vision.