Be Bold! Take a Stand Against Hyde

No person should have their pregnancy options limited because they cannot afford to have an abortion. We have not fully secured abortion rights until everyone has access to safe, affordable abortion care.

That’s why we are part of All* Above All, a coalition of organizations committed to restoring public funding for abortion care.

Sign the All* Above All Declaration in support of repealing the Hyde Amendment.

Thirty-eight years ago this week, the Hyde Amendment was passed for the first time, barring the use of federal funds to pay for abortion care. Every year, politicians in Congress renew the amendment and deny abortion coverage for individuals who get their insurance or health care through the federal government. Enough is enough!


We ask our members of Congress to affirm their support for the removal of all restrictions on coverage of abortion care, so that every person can make personal decisions that are best for their circumstances, without political interference.

Sign the Declaration – ask Congress to restore funding for abortion coverage!

Funding restrictions like the Hyde Amendment force one in four women insured through the Medicaid program to carry unintended pregnancies to term. And the proportion is even higher among younger women, who are less likely to have a steady source of income and more likely to be uninsured. The Hyde Amendment’s ban on using federal funds for abortion means that federal employees and their dependents, military families, people with disabilities, Native Americans who use the Indian Health Service, and many families on Medicaid all lack coverage for abortion care.

Join Advocates for Youth in signing the All* Above All Declaration in support of repealing the Hyde Amendment and restoring public insurance coverage of safe abortion care.