AMAZE Launches Video Series to Help Parents Talk to Kids About Growing Up

Popular animated series with nearly 10 million views expands with a new “Parent Playlist” resource to help parents get comfortable talking with their young children about their bodies and growing up

JUNE 25, 2018 – AMAZE, the sex ed playlist for 10-14 year-olds featuring over 50 animated videos on the nuances of puberty and growing up, is launching the “AMAZE Parent Playlist” for parents of 4-9 year-olds. The Parent Playlist marks a new target audience for the AMAZE series and is designed specifically to help parents as they broach these complicated topics with even younger children in an informative and age-appropriate manner.

With titles ranging from “How Do You Talk to Young Kids About Sex” to “Where Do Babies Come From” to “Is Playing Doctor OK?,” the ten animated videos in the AMAZE Parent Playlist will help parents continue building an open dialogue with their kids and lay the groundwork to lead safe and healthy lives.


“The earlier that parents can begin a dialogue with their children, the better – and while it may feel difficult to talk to very young children about sensitive topics, our kids will be healthier in the future,” said Deborah Roffman, sexuality educator and content expert for the AMAZE Parents Playlist. “For so many parents, the idea of talking to young children about sexuality sparks existential dread. But it doesn’t have to be that way – these videos will help parents ease their fears, leave embarrassment at the door, and find comfortable ways to lay the groundwork for a healthy outlook on everything from relationships, consent, body image, and much more.”

“The Parent Playlist is another great resource that parents can add to their arsenal,” said Kristi Mahoney, program officer at Westwind Foundation, the funder of AMAZE. “Parents know that talking with your kids about sex and growing up is important, but they often put it off because they think the conversations will be too awkward or too graphic. We founded AMAZE nearly two years ago to help break the ice and start conversations about the topics that kids really need, like understanding their bodies, consent, and healthy relationships. As the #MeToo movement becomes ingrained in the media and American culture, it’s becoming clearer than ever that this kind of sex education, beginning as early as possible, is more important than ever. As a new parent myself, I’m glad this resource will be available when the time comes to begin having these conversations.”

The Parent Playlist will complement Amaze Jr., a new suite of videos geared to this target age range (4-9 years) that is slated to debut later this fall. Taken together, these two video packages will provide parents with quality tools to engage young children in open, honest conversations in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate way. The videos are available here.


AMAZE is a collaboration between Advocates for Youth, Answer, and Youth Tech Health working to create an engaging, age appropriate, online sex education resource for young people aged 10-14. There’s help for parents and teachers too. Visit AMAZE.org for tools to help facilitate a healthy discussion with your kids and students about these essential but sensitive subjects.