Aid for the Areas Devastated by Hurricane Fiona

We are deeply saddened by the devastation in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, where Advocates for Youth has strong ties through our staff, our young people, and our work.  We mourn the lives lost to Hurricane Fiona. We send strength to Puerto Ricans and Dominicans who are coping with the losses and facing the prospect of rebuilding. We urge the federal government to provide urgently needed aid and resources as quickly as possible.  

We encourage donations to Advocates’ partner Taller Salud, a community based feminist organization dedicated to improving women’s access to health care, to reducing violence within the community, and to encourage economic growth through education and activism, or to other grassroots organizations based in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Beyond the immediate response, we must examine the structural failings that have led to and which will exacerbate the destruction. Young people have the right to grow up in safety and security. Young people also have the right to a voice in their government and policy-making, and to be at the tables where decisions are made. Puerto Rico’s status as a colony, along with the world’s failure to act on the climate change crisis, have robbed young people of these rights. Young people are working to build a better and more equitable world, including ensuring that the youth of Puerto Rico are able to lead healthy lives.