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Kikis with Louie is a collaboration between Advocates For Youth and the MAC Aids Fund, and aims to normalize stigmatized conversations about HIV, STIs, healthy relationships, and more. Episodes feature honest conversations with LGBTQ youth and the celebrities, athletes, artists, and activists they admire most. A new video will be released every-other Thursday until September 2019. 

For more information, contact Louie (louie@advocatesforyouth.org). 

Q & A

LGBTQ young people have questions about identity, HIV, consent, and other health topics, but are often met with silence, shame, or patronizing advice. Kikis with Louie delivers honest and authentic talk about what matters most to LGBTQ young people, in a fun, casual environment about what matters most to LGBTQ young people.

What is a kiki?

“Kiki” is popular queer lingo. A kiki is a conversation about life, advice, and reflection. Kikis are shame-free and re-energizing. Too many LGBTQ young people, especially youth of color, face toxic environments and overwhelming challenges with little or no support from family, community, or schools. That’s why kikis are so, so necessary.

What will the Kikis with Louie videos focus on?

The video series features Louie Ortiz-Fonseca, Advocates for Youth’s Director of LGBTQ Health and Rights, as he holds court with young people and the artists, athletes, actresses, and activists they admire most. On the agenda are honest, deep conversations about the most challenging issues facing queer youth: relationships, sexuality, health, culture -- and how it all fits together in these tremulous times.

What are some of the goals of the Kikis with Louie video series?

Videos in the series explore many topics affecting young LGBTQ people’s health and well-being. Through segments on how to use a condom, safely date online, inform others of your pronouns, and get tested for STDs, and more, we can help LGBTQ youth build their resilience, develop positive self-image, and live healthier lives.

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