Sally, Photographed by Kelsey Fain

“Many people feel like there’s an expectation for those who’ve made the decision to terminate a pregnancy to be strong at all times. Totally put together–this is what we wanted isn’t it? But it’s common and completely normal to have lots of intense feelings that need to be worked through and it’s important that those needs are supported.”

Here, each photo represents an emotion people may experience when they seek abortion care – from anger, to detachment, to grief – while the “retouch notes” represent pressure from society to hide strong emotions. Abortion is not black and white, it is never a choice between right and wrong. Abortion is relief, it is sorrow, it is fear, it is necessary, it is normal.

Kelsey Fain is a NYC based photographer and certified Holistic Health Coach with www.EveryBodyThrive.com. She is a strong supporter of female health and reproductive rights and a volunteer abortion doula. Kelsey loves few things more than conversations beginning with “This may be TMI…” and holding space for anyone who needs it.