Firstly, I got pregnant from a guy who had a vasectomy. Yes. That’s like 1%. No, he didn’t lie. Yes, I knew I was fertile and I knowingly let him cum in me because “he had a vasectomy “ and I’ve had past partners who I’d do the same with, no problem. Still dumb of me.. guess I needed this experience to really see my worth. SO, once at the clinic(I went to an abortion clinic) the people were wonderful, the place was comfortable. I took the pill then went home and took the other pill. The next day at the same time I inserted the 4 pills(“the pill”) to dissolve by mouth. I started watching tv..and felt normal.. then… 30 mins later.. I started cramping.. like normal.. like ok it’s like a period. But then… the cramps turned into what I now believe where full blown LABOR contractions. I all of a sudden RAN to the bathroom! I needed to have like explosive diarrhea and bleed and wanted to vomit all at the same time. The pain was unreal. I ended up sleeping in the cold tub with water running on me for hours to find some relief.. I finally found it I guessed and fell asleep and woke up in my own blood, vomit, and diarrhea. I never in my life. I went for like two more rounds of that hell before it became like a normal painful period and I had to where diaper pads for 9 WEEKS. NINE WEEKS PEOPLE. I was literally bleeding non stop for 9 weeks. I’m humbled bc I live in a time that I don’t have to use a clothes hanger to handle an unwanted pregnancy, I can’t imagine what women of that time went through. So I’m so grateful for how far we have came with womens health,But I never ever want to experience what I went through ever again. I feel I went through labor without the blissful happy ending… you’re left just sad and lonely and so pain and seeing yourself that low. It was gnarly. The next day it felt like that day was all a dream.. like all the pain and stuff. Like and it felt I was just on my period . To this day.. I’m still in shock of the whole thing and idk if I’ll ever properly grieve the situation? How numb I made myself.. how lonely it really was. It’s comforting to know that others went through something similar or bleed as long as me… and couldn’t be active or wanted to not be touched for months after. So ya there’s my story. 6 months later.